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Main Street Kitchen and Flooring is the exclusive distributor of the Amytis Exclusive Kitchens. With over 25 years of International experience, our ambition is to create a very high-quality kitchen space for Exclusive Clients. Our Professional team of Designers and Engineers will design and manufacture a unique KITCHEN in a harmonious and serene environment with the newest technologies. The Kitchen space will not be a cooking area anymore, instead, it will become the main LIVING AREA where everything is possible, even COOKING.

“AMYTIS’’ Exclusive Kitchen was founded in 2016 by EMADEDIN BEHBAHANI as C.E.O and ATOUSA GIVI as VICE PRESIDENT. Emadedin has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been the  C.E.O and REPRESENTATIVE of several prominent Kitchen manufacturing companies around the world for over 25 years. ATOUSA has a master’s degree in Finance from FRANCE and an Interior Design certificate from the New York Institute of Art and Design. She has worked in Paris for over 20 years, she will develop her design concepts in a propitious environment with excellence.

Our International experience and expertise will help to design and create a very high- quality kitchen suitable for our clients. The manufacturing is done by a series of sophisticated and new EUROPEAN Machines and Tools. Our goal is to reach our client’s highest expectations.

Modern Kitchen Vanity Wardrobe
Modern Kitchen, Vanity & Wardrobe
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