Rental Upgrade: Which Flooring Material is Best for Your Income Property?

It’s often challenging to find the right floor for your rental property. You need to strike a balance between durability and an aesthetic that your tenants find attractive. Plus, floor replacements are a considerable investment that will take up some time and money on your end.

As such, it’s important to get it right the first time. Let’s take a look at your options when choosing the best floor for your income property.

Tile: Durable and Rustic

Tiles can last a lifetime and they’re fairly low-maintenance. You only need to regrout and reseal them every few years. They’re easy to clean, too. A good scrub of baking soda and water mixture can make it good as new. Choose this flooring material if you want to give your rental property a rustic look, too.

Vinyl: Low Maintenance King

This material is popular because it’s strong and easy to maintain. It doesn’t need any extra applications like sealing and grouting, and cleaning is a breeze. Vinyl is also waterproof, so it’s an excellent choice for your bathroom and basement. It’s easy on the wallet if you ever need to replace it — which you won’t be doing any time soon. Vinyl flooring can mimic the look of wood, so it can fit any motif you may have for your unit.

Hardwood: Luxurious and Strong

If you want to give your property a touch of luxury, go for hardwood. Main Street Kitchen & Flooring says that this material is preferred by residents who want an elegant-looking floor without much need for maintenance. There are lots of customization options in this material.

You can get a narrow or wide plank design. You also have control over how glossy you want the floor to be. If you’re going to add some spice into the design, your contractor can insert mesmerizing patterns. Hardwood can also come in eco-friendly materials such as cork and bamboo. Durability isn’t a problem, either. Well-maintained hardwood span generations.

Carpet: Comfortable Warmth

If your income property is located in a low-temperature area, you’ll need all the insulation you can get. Carpets are great at providing extra warmth for your tenants. It’s also great for new families and senior citizens, as the material is relatively softer than others and provides extra grip, so slips and falls won’t be much of a worry. It’s budget-friendly, and installation is not that difficult.

Your rental property’s flooring depends on what you think your tenants will need. If you’re targetting ones that want value for their money, vinyl and tile won’t give them cleaning headaches. Want to focus on giving your property an elegant feel? Hardwood is your best bet. Is maximizing warmth your number one priority? A carpet can help. When you have the right flooring material, your tenants are guaranteed to fall in love at first step.

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