Hardwood Flooring Maintenance: Keeping Your Floors Clean and Beautiful

Hardwood is an excellent flooring material in homes. It not only makes your home elegant and timeless, but it’s also durable and low maintenance. Our hardwood flooring line in Orange County, California use a wide selection of brands. You can choose from different colors and grain patterns as well as from a variety of styles.

Like other features of your home, your hardwood needs proper maintenance to stay clean and beautiful. Poor maintenance can damage your flooring over time because of excessive exposure to different elements. 

The Lifespan of Hardwood Flooring and Treatment

On average, hardwood floors can last up to half a century. Certain elements, however, can ruin it over time.

Water is one reason hardwood floors swell and decay. Water and wood do not mix; the cellular structure of hardwood responds immediately when in contact with the element, especially the unsealed parts of the wood. 

Additionally, pooled liquids that stay on the surface for a long time can also ruin the quality of your flooring. These liquids include dishwasher leak, drinks spill, rainwater from boots, and others. You should clean them up immediately before they seep through the seams and between the floorboards. 

You may use rugs or mats in areas that have the most foot traffic and are more likely to have water spills, like the kitchen. These can protect your flooring against elements that damage the surface.

The Right Way to Clean Your Floors

Your hardwood flooring requires specific ways of cleaning to maintain its beauty. According to flooring experts, you should start by sweeping your hardwood floors. Using microfiber mop is more effective than using regular brooms that move dust and small dirt particles around. 

For vacuums, choose a soft-bristled attachment and make sure that the wheels don’t cause scratches to the flooring. You may vacuum your hardwood floors once a week to remove dirt and debris that can scratch the wood surface.

You can mop your hardwood flooring after sweeping or vacuuming. But be careful with the floor cleaner you use. Apply cleaners formulated for hardwood materials and use only a damp mop and not wet. Regular floor cleaners may contain chemicals that can damage the wood. 

Install High-Quality Hardwood Materials

Hardwood flooring comes in different varieties. It can be solid, which can be sanded and refinished several times throughout the lifetime of the floor. This hardwood has thick layers that provide solid feel underfoot. 

Meanwhile, you can go for engineered hardwood for a more affordable option. This hardwood offers extreme stability, especially when in contact with a concrete subfloor. It’s easier to install compared with solid hardwood. You can even do it yourself. 

Although there are hardwood floorings that can be a do-it-yourself project, seeking help from professionals is crucial for quality results. The proper installation of hardwood materials increases the lifespan of your floors. 

At Main Street Kitchen and Flooring, your satisfaction is our priority. We maintain unsurpassed workmanship in installing hardwood floors. Our team knows how to handle each type of material to achieve your desired results. 

We also carry the latest brands in hardwood flooring. Our staff can help you find the right material that matches its purpose and your home’s aesthetic. 

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